Semolina Halvah II

Semolina Halvah II |

Serving something sweet is a part of our tradition to celebrate festivals. The Feast Of  Sacrifice lasts 4 days and we are on the third day of it. We are happy that we have mom and dad with us during this festival. Mom made this semolina halvah yesterday to serve our guests. Lucky guests!


Revani |

Revani is a tasty semolina dessert in Turkish cuisine and it must be included in the recipes of my blog, but I want to tell a bit about our vacation first. You might be disappointed when you see we didn’t have food pictures during our vacation. I must admit that I just didn’t feel like […]

Semolina Halvah

Semolina Halvah |

Semolina is called “irmik” in Turkey and it’s made of Durum wheat. We use semolina in different ways, but its halvah is the most popular one. It has a yellow color just like bulgur (pounded wheat). They are so similar that if you’re not familiar with both of them, you may be confused. The difference […]