Eid Mubarak!

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Eid Mubarak to everyone! Yesterday was the last day of the muslims’ fasting month Ramadan and we are celebrating Eid today. Well, celebrations started even yesterday in words. I went to our local bazaar and people were giving their good wishes to one another saying “Eid Mubarak”. The bazaar was so crowded that you might… 

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Happy Eid To Muslims

Happy Eid To Muslims | giverecipe.com

We’re having two celebrations in Turkey today. It is both Victory Day and the first day of Eid! Such a great day! After a month of fasting (also called as Ramadan month), it’s time for people to celebrate the festival with candies and desserts. It’s time for everyone to make children happy by giving them… 

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Red Lentil Soup Ramadan 5


I want to share another Ramadan tradition that is still alive especially in small cities. As it’s hard for traditions to survive in big cities, they are mostly seen in towns or small cities where people have more intimate relationships. On the other hand, people in big cities are always complaining that they don’t have… 

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Stuffed Red Peppers Ramadan 4

Stuffed Red Peppers | giverecipe.com

Iftar is as important as suhoor during Ramadan. And there is a great tradition during this month. You can see iftar tents at certain streets of cities. Iftar tents are the places where homeless people or poor people are served various dishes for free. They either eat there or bring their pots and have them… 

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Gullac Ramadan 3

Gullac | giverecipe.com

In Turkish culture, there are some certain dishes which are made on special days or occasions. Sesame Rings, which I wrote on before,  are one of them. And today I want to share another special dish made just in Ramadan month. This is a simple, but tasty dessert called gullac (güllaç in Turkish letters). I… 

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Suhoor Ramadan 1

cherry compote | giverecipe.com

Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish) is a holy month for muslims and they fast during this month as a worship. It started about a week ago and you can feel  the excitement of people everywhere in Turkey now. Although we can’t say that Turkey is a muslim country, a big number of  its citizens is muslim…. 

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