Potato Salad

Potato Salad | giverecipe.com

We didn’t have enough time to prepare a dish for dinner this evening. We were so hungry that we needed something quick, but of course it wouldn’t be a kind of prepackaged food. Do you have any guess what we do whenever we feel too tired to cook something suitable for “dinner” concept? In Turkish […]

Chicken with Potato

Chicken with Potato | giverecipe.com

As you know chicken is one of the most beneficial nutrition, which is so important for child growth. Moreover, it has no negative effect on old people’s health like red meat. Everyone should eat it without any fear. But of course the cooking style matters. If you prefer frying, you make it impossible to mention […]

Borek with Potato

Borek with Potato | giverecipe.com

Borek is one of my favorite Turkish pastries and it’s one of the most common pastries served to guests. I generally make borek at the weekend as a preperation for week days. As I leave for work early in the morning, borek becomes my best breakfast. You know how much I love breakfast, but during […]