Turkish Delight For Spring Celebration

#Turkish Delight For Spring | www.giverecipe.com

Celebration means turkish delight for us! It’s celebration time again! We are celebrating the first day of Spring! After tiring and cold days, it’s time to enjoy outside! A warm and sunny weather has welcomed us this morning, exactly the way we expect from Spring! It’s not easy to wake up on Winter days, it’s […]

The Magical Fruit

The Magical Fruit | giverecipe.com

I’ve always found pomegranate as the symbol of fruitfulness. Isn’t it so magical? Who can imagine that there are plenty of precious seeds in this dull looking fruit as a whole? I used to love playing with these red ‘beads’ as a little child. Mom says that she was fed up with working on hard […]

Noah Pudding

Noah Pudding

  This recipe is very special among muslims. They especially make this dessert on a special day. They believe that a lot of miracles happened on that day. God forgave Adam on that day, Noah and other living things on his boat were saved from flood on that day, Yunus was taken from the stomach […]