Pomegranate and Pretzels Chocolate Bark

Pomegranate and Pretzels Chocolate Bark | giverecipe.com | #chocolate #pomegranate #pretzel

Chocolate bark is one of the easiest, cheapest and yummiest sweet treats and you can make hundreds of versions by combining chocolate with various ingredients. You can make it with your favorite kind of chocolate. Ours is always dark with 70% chocolate to make this treat since we love to sweeten and enrich it with […]

Tangy Spinach and Apple Salad

Spinach and Apple Salad | giverecipe.com | #salad #apple #spinach #radish #healthy #vegetarian

Spinach and Apple Salad is the ultimate side dish on our table in Fall! No matter what the main course is, we love to have this apple salad full of crispiness. When you have already started simmering slow-cooker dishes or spicy stews, the best side dish to match with them is a crispy green salad. […]