Wheat Pilaf

Wheat Pilaf | giverecipe.com

This is another dish reminding me of my childhood. This pilaf is made from peeled wheat and there is a traditional way of grinding wheat, which starts the relation with my childhood. We used to visit my grandma living in the country every summer. As a child one of the things I loved there most […]

Meat On Rice

Meat On Rice | giverecipe.com

You may think it is not a good idea to cook meat in Summer as it is not light like vegetables. But I can tell you that if you cook it in this way, it is not heavy either. We cooked it not only because we love meat but also because we had guests for […]

Ash Plov

Ash Plov

This is a special pilaf in Osh city of Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia). And this is not my own recipe, a very kind blog friend of mine,  Jyldyz  Chynybekova sent it to me. In fact, she is so kind that she sent a file of Kyrgyzstan recipes with pictures. I’m always very curious about different Asian […]