Tahini Cookies

Tahini Cookies | giverecipe.com

I found the pictures of these cookies in one of older files this morning and I remembered how soft they were. I made these a year ago and took some to the school to share with some colleagues. A student of mine knocked the door just as I was serving these to a few friends. […]

Fluffy Pastry

Fluffy Pastry | giverecipe.com

While coming home from school by minibus today, I realized something that may be interesting for people out of Turkey. That is how we pay the fare. You know a minibus has 8 or 10 seats inside. If you sit at the back, you politely ask someone sitting in front of you to pass the […]

Borek with Vegetables

Borek with Vegetables | giverecipe.com

We saw an extraordinary vivacity in our neighborhood this evening. Some people were setting up a music system in front of our building, some were placing plastic chairs in the shape of a circle. These are signs of a ceremony, so we thought that there would be an engagement ceremony or a party for a […]