Fig and Walnut Cookies

Fig and Walnut Cookies |

You know I am a teacher and very busy at school, that’s why I can’t write here as much as I want. We’ve started to count down for the end of the school. Courses are going to be completed after 3 weeks and then exams start. We have two terms each year, Fall and Spring […]

Pasta in Oven

Pasta in Oven |

As we are in Winter break here, I don’t need to go to school everyday.  I didn’t want to wake up early yesterday morning, in fact I didn’t want to get out of the bed eventhough I woke up. It was great to know that it was Monday but there was no work.  After lingering […]

Kirghiz Manti

Kirghiz Manti |

Before my friend Jyldyz  Chynybekova, from Kyrgyzstan sent me this manti recipe, I thought that manti is just special for Turkey. When I saw this recipe from her, I realized again that Kyrgyzstan and Turkish cuisine are so similar, with some little differences. I think you’ll love this one more as these mantis are bigger […]