Easy Strawberry Parfait

Easy Strawberry Parfait | giverecipe.com | #parfait #strawberry #yogurt

It’s finally strawberry season here! My favorite time of year! I feel even more renewed when I feel fresh and sweet smell of strawberries at the market since I know that lovely sunny days are just around the corner. It looks sunny outside, but we are not having very springy days here yet. It’s still […]

Black Mulberry Yogurt Parfait

Black Mulberry Yogurt Parfait | giverecipe.com

Is it unbearably hot there? And are you craving for a yummy dessert, but thinking about pounds you might gain? Here is a super light and yummy yogurt parfait! What is more, the sweet flavor comes from black mulberries, no additional sugar, which is much healthier. This dessert is perfect for people with diabetes too!