How to Caramelize Onions

How to Caramelize Onions | | #onion #snack

Are you a savory or sweet person when there is still time for dinner and you need to snack on something to suppress your hunger? You know, you may easily get hungry if you don’t have anything between meals. Waiting for the main course might take ages if you are hungry and what you need […]

Onion Salad

Onion Salad |

Yes, I know onion smells not good when you eat raw, but nobody here can resist this onion salad! It is a must for original kebab restaurants to serve onion salad on the same plate with kebabs. They serve kebab on lavash bread and grilled tomatoes and peppers with a little onion salad, all on […]

Onion Borek

Onion Borek |

Borek is one of the breads I make very often, especially for big breakfasts. I bake it either in oven or in a non stick pan and love to stuff it with various fillings. This is a very easy and tasty borek with onion filling. I cooked it in a non stick pan and I […]

Tunny Fish in Oven

Tunny Fish in Oven |

We have been visiting the fish market often these days since the fish season started. We have eaten fresh anchovies several times, but we aren’t fed up with it yet. However, when we went to the fish market this weekend to buy some anchovies again, we saw that tunny fish on the stand. They looked […]