Lahmacun with Whole Wheat Flour

Lahmacun with Whole Wheat Flour |

Lahmacun is one of the most favorite Turkish fast foods! Some say it’s like pizza, but it has a much thinner crust! You know I like making things at home, so I made lahmacun with whole wheat flour from scratch today! People generally prefer eating it at lahmacun or kebab restaurants and making it at […]

Mini Lahmacun And Pide

Mini Lahmacun And Pide |

Here are warm appetizers we were served at the Adana kebab restaurant we went with our friends during the Feast of Sacrifice break: Mini lahmacun and mini pide stuffed with cheese. I must admit we didn’t expect these, so these were the hit for us! Mini lahmacun has a special name indeed, we call it […]