6 Different Spices from Turkey

6 Different #Spices From #Turkey

I love to combine different spices when cooking! I can discover new seasonings and flavors each time. Right, I’m an adventurous cook! I can’t imagine that all spices are removed from dishes, can you? They help other flavors to stand out! There is absolutely a big difference between plain chicken-turkey-beef-lamb or veggies and their seasoned […]

Uncooked Kofte

Uncooked Kofte | giverecipe.com

This was still one of the scrumptious mezzes on our table at Adana kebab restaurant. It is cigkofte in Turkish and is a special kofte in south and southeast of Turkey. These are balls made mainly with bulgur, a special paprika and ground raw meat –fat, tendons and sinews should be removed. Raw meat is […]