Pogaca With Beard

Pogaca With Beard | giverecipe.com

Well, I love playing with dough, making something with it. The reason might go back to my childhood. Most probably! No, I didn’t have play dough, it wasn’t common then. We used to play with some friends outside instead. We would play either with mud or make small statues from clay in the garden. Our […]

Pide Stuffed With Beef

Pide Stuffed With Beef | giverecipe.com

Who can refuse to have pide (pitta)? Didn’t you know what it is? Pide is one of the best Turkish fast food. It is like a folded version of pizza. There is a variety of Turkish pides; you can stuff it with beef, ground beef, cheese, egg, sujuk and pastirma. No matter what the stuffing […]