Honey Sesame Chicken Wings

Honey Sesame Chicken Wings | giverecipe.com| #chicken #sesame #appetizer #chickenwings #partyfood

Chicken Wings are one of those to-die-for foods! Noone can refuse these sticky and crispy outside, juicy inside wings! The question is: Do chicken wings make a main course or are they in the category of appetizers? Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to fill your stomach with chicken wings and don’t need any […]

Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes | giverecipe.com

Today is Sunday, right? What does Sunday mean to you? Sleeping long hours? Lingering in your bed dreaming, playing with the kids, reading newspaper or sipping your morning coffee? Sunday definitely means a big breakfast for two of us! We don’t wake up very late, just 2 hours later than weekdays. I guess 9 a.m […]