Green Lentil Pasta

green lentil pasta | | #pasta #vegetarian #lentils

How would you make a regular pasta more nutritious and tasty? The answer is limitless and it’s just up to your taste. Some top their pasta with meatballs, some prefer beef or chicken instead and still some others make it with loads of shrimp. What if you are making a vegetarian pasta? The first thing […]

Tutmac Soup

Tutmac Soup |

While shopping in our local bazaar last week, I saw a woman selling some traditional soup ingredients on a very small stand in front of her. You may wonder what I mean with soup ingredients. Hee, women prepare some soup ingredients and keep them for Winter. They are like the healthy and delicious version of […]

Zucchini Stew

Zucchini Stew |

We went to the vegetable bazaar today and all greens took my attention. Whenever I go to this bazaar, I want to buy everything I see on stands. Today it was more colorful and fresh as a reflection of coming Spring. While we were filling our bags with tomatoes, the vendor was continually praising zucchinis […]