Hello April 1!

April 2013

There is a nice rain outside, perfect for April 1! And I’m sipping my hot water flavored with lemon (right, this has become my favorite drink since the start of my pregnancy; no tea or coffee!), watching people and cars in hurry. We were outside too a few minutes ago and really enjoyed walking under […]

Homemade Gozleme

Homemade Gozleme | giverecipe.com

Gozleme is one of the most famous Turkish pastries known by tourisits visiting our country. How has it become that famous? Local people make and sell it at almost all tourist attractions. You can see them everywhere you visit in Turkey. It doesn’t matter where you go, it could be a historical place, beach or […]



Morning is the best part of the day for me and I love walking in the early morning. On the way to home, I generally buy something for breakfast. This morning I felt a very appetizing smell coming from a bakery and the image of gozleme just appeared in my mind. And I decided to […]