Onion In Danger

Onion In Danger | giverecipe.com

One of the biggest agriculture regions in Turkey is Cukurova, South of Turkey. Onion harvest has started there, but farmers are unhappy as lots of their products have gone bad because of April rains. This results in low onion price. It goes down to 50 kurus (about 30 cents) and it is reported that tradesmen… 

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Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands

Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands | giverecipe.com

These tomatoes are produced in greenhouses heated with geothermal energy. Greenhouses which are heated with geothermal energy are set up in Sorgun, Yozgat (a city located in Central Anatolia of Turkey) in 2009.These greenhouses are used for tomato production without soil and their first crops have been harvested this year. It is reported that these… 

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Turkish Anchovy Loved By Americans

Turkish Anchovy Loved By Americans | giverecipe.com

There is a preserved food factory in Bartin and their preserved anchovy is on top of the list of products demanded by the USA. The factory, which is in Bartin in Black Sea region of Turkey, is called Turkili Konserve (Turkili Preserved Food) and was established in 1952. It produces 30 million preserved food in… 

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