Turkish Dumplings Manti

Turkish #Dumplings #Manti

Dumplings in Turkish are called manti and it’s one of those dishes everyone craves for every time. It’s not an easy dish for many people, so people may not prefer making it at home. I learnt the recipe of Kirghiz Manti from a Kirghiz friend and it looks like it is easier to make as […]

Lahmacun with Whole Wheat Flour

Lahmacun with Whole Wheat Flour | www.giverecipe.com

Lahmacun is one of the most favorite Turkish fast foods! Some say it’s like pizza, but it has a much thinner crust! You know I like making things at home, so I made lahmacun with whole wheat flour from scratch today! People generally prefer eating it at lahmacun or kebab restaurants and making it at […]