Bitter Orange Peel Jam

Bitter Orange Peel Jam |

Mom II used to live in Turgutreis, Bodrum before moving to another city. Bodrum is located in Aegean region, on the West of Turkey. Besides being famous for its untouched bays and paradise like beaches, this city is also famous for its citrus fruits. You can even see citrus trees in the city center. And […]

Semolina Halvah II

Semolina Halvah II |

Serving something sweet is a part of our tradition to celebrate festivals. The Feast Of  Sacrifice lasts 4 days and we are on the third day of it. We are happy that we have mom and dad with us during this festival. Mom made this semolina halvah yesterday to serve our guests. Lucky guests!

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse |

I had such a tiring day today at school. I had so many works to do, but little time. Today was one of the days that I wish it was possible to be cloned. One of me would prepare lesson plans while the other me would prepare exam questions or check students’ papers or do […]