Gullac Ramadan 3

Gullac |

In Turkish culture, there are some certain dishes which are made on special days or occasions. Sesame Rings, which I wrote on before,  are one of them. And today I want to share another special dish made just in Ramadan month. This is a simple, but tasty dessert called gullac (güllaç in Turkish letters). I… 

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Unripe Fig Jam

Unripe Fig Jam |

Updated on August 23: Below are from this year’s preserves and we just couldn’t help taking new pictures and sharing them here. Love that green color! Most people think that unripe fruits are worthless, wrong for unripe figs! This jam is unbelievable! I became an aunt two days ago and I was as excited as my… 

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Chuk Chuk

Chuk Chuk |

Do you remember my friend Jyldyz from Kyrgystan? Previously, I published two of her recipes here. One of them is Ash Plov, and the other is Khirgiz Manti. They were just wonderful and we loved them. Her recipes add a great variety to my recipes here, which are all from Turkish cuisine. I’d like to… 

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Dried Fig


Kuru incir I want to introduce the kinds of dried fruits used in Turkey in my blog and dried figs will be the first today. Dried fruits have an important place in Turkish kitchen, I don’t know if other cultures have the same habit of getting prepared for Winter during Summer. In Summer, people in… 

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