Double Chocolate Brownies

Double #Chocolate #Brownies

Are there times when you can’t stop your craving for chocolate? When do you mostly want to eat chocolate? Is it just a simple snack for you or a friend-like food that you want to be with at your hard times? The benefits of chocolate are proven and known by everyone, so you don’t feel […]

Chocolate-dipped Watermelon

Chocolate-dipped #Watermelon

What is your favorite summer fruit? Mine is unquestionably watermelon and I can’t think of any other fruit as refreshing as it. Chocolate-dipped watermelon has become one of my favorite summer snacks these days. Do you know any other fruit as juicy as watermelon? We need a lot more liquid in summer and this fruit […]

Thumbprint Chocolate Truffles

Thumbprint Chocolate Truffles With Turkish Delight |

Who doesn’t like a celebration with chocolate truffles? Everyone likes celebrations, right? We can celebrate any event special for us, it doesn’t have to be a national or universal occasion. The most important occasion for some people to celebrate is their birthdays while others think that their anniversary is as important. So maybe it’s not […]