Cognac Chocolate Truffles

Cognac #Chocolate #Truffles

Chocolate Truffles always rock when you have guests to celebrate something. They make perfect edible gifts as well. They are one of the best homemade treats to please both adults and kids. Chocolate truffles look so elegant with their coating, and your guests might think that you buy them from a patisserie shop, so you […]

Easy Double Chocolate Cake

Easy Double #Chocolate #Cake

Are you one of those with a strong chocolate obsession? Then you will love this double chocolate cake! Well, I wasn’t planning to make it with double chocolate flavor. I just wanted to make a simple chocolate cake topped with sifted castor sugar, but then I remembered the leftover chocolate sauce from yesterday’s chocolate tart. […]

Simple Chocolate Cupcakes

Simple #Chocolate #Cupcakes

It is the first time I’ve made Chocolate Cupcakes! Well, these are my first cupcakes indeed. I’ve made muffins several times and my all time favorites are these Apple Muffins. I don’t know why but I’d never tried cupcakes until today. Neither muffins nor cupcakes exist in traditional Turkish cuisine, maybe that’s why. Although these […]