Leek With Bulgur

#Leek With #Bulgur | giverecipe.com

Did I talk on the special occasions when Turkish people give some sweet treats to their colleagues or their neighbours  before? What reminded me to tell this Turkish tradition was one of my colleagues the other day. She came to my room at school with a box of chocolate in her hand just when I […]

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread | giverecipe.com

If you still haven’t tried to bake your own bread yet, it’s the best time for it now as I will give the recipe of an amazingly healthy bread now! We haven’t been eating white flour bread for a year, we prefer whole wheat bread instead. However, I hadn’t tried to bake whole wheat bread […]


Cezerye | giverecipe.com

Okay, this is not something I made. And this will not be a post in which I give a recipe. It will be a kind of description post. As I am from Tarsus, a small town in Mersin, a Southern city of Turkey, it is a must for me to tell about this amazing sweet […]