5 Health Benefits Of Grapefruit


I remember a TV program I watched as a child. There was a politician talking about his daily routines. I wasn’t interested in politics then, but something he said grabbed my attention. Although he was very old –in his 80s, he looked younger and so healthy. He was giving his secret. He said that he… 

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Cabbage The Hidden Winter Hero

Cabbage The Hidden Winter Hero | giverecipe.com

How often do you eat cabbage when it’s in season? Although it is one of the main vegetables in winter, it is not the main food of most families. I watched a movie once, in which cabbage was described by the main character as the sign of poverty.  If a house smells boiling cabbage, it… 

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Tarhana Against Cancer

Tarhana Against Cancer | giverecipe.com

Have you ever heard of a soup against cancer? İsmail Çelik, the head of Department of Preventive Oncology of Hacettepe University, pointed out the importance of diet to protect our body against cancer. The professor advised people to eat what they learnt from their grandmothers, not from TV programs. He highlighted that diet of people… 

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Colorful Fruits For Health

Colorful Fruits For Health | giverecipe.com

Colorful fruits contain a substance called flavonoid, which has positive effects on collagen which exists on cartilage and joint connections. This makes colorful fruits important for joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. We have started to see so many colorful fruits at markets these days, so we shouldn’t miss the chance of having enough of… 

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Green Tea Effect on Chemotherapy

Green Tea Effect on Chemotherapy | giverecipe.com

It is found that green tea both reduces negative effects of chemotheraphy medicines, which are used for cancer treatment, and increases the positive effects of it on treatment. A study on effects of green tea on chemotherapy is held by Professor Dr. Omer Kucuk from Emory University Medicine Faculty and Professor Dr. Ayhan Dogukan from… 

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