Onion Borek

Onion Borek | giverecipe.com

Borek is one of the breads I make very often, especially for big breakfasts. I bake it either in oven or in a non stick pan and love to stuff it with various fillings. This is a very easy and tasty borek with onion filling. I cooked it in a non stick pan and I […]

Cheese Bread

Cheese Bread | giverecipe.com

I was thinking what I could make special for breakfast this morning when I remembered the leftover dough and feta-parsley mixture in the refrigerator. I made pide 2 days ago and stuffed it with feta and parsley. However, the filling and dough were more than I needed, so I put the rest in the refrigerator […]

Spinach Stalk With Egg

Spinach Stalk With Egg | giverecipe.com

You love spinach, don’t you? Have you ever cooked something with spinach stalk? Do you hate wasting food like me? Do you love to try new things with egg? Are you always in search for new breakfast ideas? If you say yes to all these, you must try this recipe! When I saute spinach, I […]

Joy of Breakfast

Joy of Breakfast | giverecipe.com

Have you ever witnessed a meal of people working outside such as laborers at a building construction or workers at a farm or field? I have seen them having their breakfast or lunch many times. Did I tell you before that I used to go to the field in grandparents’ village with a group of […]