Beetroot Borek

Beetroot Borek |

You already know we have various boreks with various fillings in our cuisine. Cheese, mince and potato fillings are the most common ones. You can play with fillings according to your taste. What you need is a little creativity! I use various fillings, but cheese and herb filling more often.  However, I had never heard […]

Onion Borek

Onion Borek |

Borek is one of the breads I make very often, especially for big breakfasts. I bake it either in oven or in a non stick pan and love to stuff it with various fillings. This is a very easy and tasty borek with onion filling. I cooked it in a non stick pan and I […]

Whole Wheat Phyllo Borek

Whole Wheat Phyllo Borek |

I haven’t been buying packaged phyllo from phyllo stores here for several months, since we started not to have white flour. There are such small stores where phyllos are made and sold in Turkey. Unfortunately they don’t have an option for people not eating white flour, so I gave up buying phyllos from there after […]

Fluffy Pastry

Fluffy Pastry |

While coming home from school by minibus today, I realized something that may be interesting for people out of Turkey. That is how we pay the fare. You know a minibus has 8 or 10 seats inside. If you sit at the back, you politely ask someone sitting in front of you to pass the […]