Tangerine Jam On The Market Soon

Tangerine Jam On The Market Soon | giverecipe.com

Have you ever tried tangerine jam? The chairman of Citrus Producers Union in Bodrum, Mugla gives a good news to those in search for new flavors. He declares that they will produce tangerine jam and put it on the market in jars with the amount of 450g in December. Bodrum is a town of Mugla, […]

Recharged My Batteries

Recharged My Batteries | giverecipe.com

I came back two days ago from a wonderful vacation, feeling full of energy for the new working period. I’ve completely recharged my batteries! What vacation means to everyone may depend on their expectation. For me, vacation means throwing myself into the pure blue water, closing my eyes, allowing the waves take me somewhere, hugging […]