Thumbprint Cookies with Blueberry Jam

Thumbprint Cookies with Blueberry Jam | | #blueberry #jam #cookies

It’s always fun to make thumbprint cookies, isn’t it? This is my third experiment with the blueberries I discovered at our local bazaar this summer. After this White Chocolate Tart and this Sourish Blueberry Marmalade, I knew I had to keep making something sweet with these charming berries! I’m definitely in love with the color […]

White Chocolate Tart

White Chocolate Tart | #whitechocolate #tart #dessert #blueberries #pomegranate #cocoacrackers #nobake |

This is the easiest tart recipe ever! It is a no-bake tart and even kids can easily make it! After making Blueberry Marmalade, I still had some berries left and I wanted to make something that shows the amazing color of these berries. I had several options from muffins to crumbles, but I wanted to […]