Avocado With Tuna

Avocado With Tuna | giverecipe.com

I shared my first experience with avocado some time ago. It was a dip made from a combination of avocado and cheese. Do you remember that? We have eaten avocado several times  since then especially in thin slices on salads. As it’s already summer here, we love to have salads for lunch. To make our […]

Avocado And Cheese Dip

Avocado And Cheese Dip | giverecipe.com

Avocado is not a common fruit (or vegetable?) in Turkey, we are not so familiar with it here. Many people don’t even know its name. This rare fruit is not affordable for everyone here, it is generally more than $2 for one. Avocado has been on Turkish market for a few years, so we don’t […]