Stuffed Tomatoes with Yellow Cheese Recipe

Stuffed Tomatoes with Yellow Cheese

Turkish people can carve any vegetable or fruit and fill it with some mixture. These stuffed tomatoes are only one kind of stuffed vegetables. Who doesn’t love the combination of tomatoes and cheese? We enrich this combination with the flavor of onion. Fresh mint is always the best garnish for such a dish! Stuffed tomatoes… 

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Mushroom Saute Recipe

Mushroom Saute

Mantar Sote Ingredients •    500gr mushroom •    2 onions, chooped •    5 garlic cloves, sliced •    2 green peppers, chopped •    ½ cup olive oil •    1 tomato, peeled and chopped •    1 tbsp tomato paste •    Black pepper •    Oregano •    Salt •    1/2 cup water Wash mushrooms, peel and slice them big. Saute… 

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