Zucchini with Olive Oil

#Zucchini with #Olive Oil

Zucchini with olive oil is one of the popular summer dishes in Turkish cuisine. Dishes with olive oil have their own place in our cuisine and mostly preferred in summer. When the name of a dish ends with “with olive oil”, it means that it doesn’t contain any kind of meat, so it’s like the […]

2 Ways of Eating Fava Beans

2 Ways of Eating #Fava Beans1 | www.giverecipe.com

Fresh fava beans are kind of veggies you either hate or love. Honestly, as a kid, I used to eat fava beans just to make mom happy. I couldn’t see any point in loving these fuzzy beans and their smell when cooking was unbearable! “How can mom and dad eat it so heartily?”, I used […]