Turkish Bulgur Salad Kisir

Turkish #Bulgur #Salad #Kisir

Bulgur Salad, which is called Kisir in Turkish, is the favorite food of all Turkish women and it’s like a must to make this salad when you invite your female friends. And I’m not an exception! I LOVE bulgur salad as a meal, side dish or snack. It makes a great picnic food too! What […]

Hummus with Pastirma or Bacon

#Hummus with #Pastirma or Bacon

Hummus is one of those addictive foods for everyone! The combination of chickpeas, tahini and garlic is to die for! Some love to have it as a dip with pita at parties, some love it as mezze with Turkish raki, some even have it at breakfast! Some restaurants in Turkey serve it free as an […]