Yogurt And Coriander Dip

Yogurt And Coriander Dip | giverecipe.com

Do you like combining meat or chicken with yogurt? How about a tasty yogurt dip? Don’t you think roasted chicken wings or meat become scrumptious when you have them with such a dip? This is the dip we spread on our kebabs. To have yogurt with kebab is not something unusual for us, but the […]

Homemade Fresh Verjuice

Homemade Fresh Verjuice | giverecipe.com

Verjuice is a green and sour juice made from unripe grapes. It is a fantastic alternative to lemon juice. Lemon is considered as the sole source of sour juices by many people, but it is not! In the past, people used to use unripe grapes to give their salads or dishes sour flavor as they […]