Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies |

No this is not about food.I wanted to share this lovely moment with you.I saw these cute guys during morning walk a few days ago, and they made me to have a great start to that day. Aren’t they so lovely? But look at the middle one, that’s my favorite. He looks like he is […]

13 Helpful Kitchen Tips

13 Helpful Kitchen Tips |

If you keep greens like parsley, dill or mint in a vase or jar filled with water (just like flowers), they will stay fresh longer. If a dish you make is salty, add a peeled potato in it and boil for a few minutes. This potato will absorb excessive salt, you can take it out […]

Potato Seller

Potato Seller |

Anyone needs potatoes or onions? You don’t have to go to market here to buy these! The only thing you need to do is to be awake every time not to miss the potato seller passing by your home. Who is called potato seller? A person (or a team of 2-3 people) who sells his […]

Hello Spring

Hello Spring |

I know we are already in May, the last month of Spring, but we have a moody climate here in Turkey this year. We have been feeling spring just for a few weeks with trees in blossom and flowers around us. Spring always means optimism and hope for me, just like other people. That’s why […]