Winter Bazaar

Winter Bazaar |

This picture was taken last Winter when we went to Turgutreis, Bodrum. The bazaar in Turgutreis is famous for its organic food. Almost everything there is produced by local farmers living in small villages and you can have the chance of buying products at first hand. You see dried eggplants and peppers hanging in this… 

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The Magical Fruit

The Magical Fruit |

I’ve always found pomegranate as the symbol of fruitfulness. Isn’t it so magical? Who can imagine that there are plenty of precious seeds in this dull looking fruit as a whole? I used to love playing with these red ‘beads’ as a little child. Mom says that she was fed up with working on hard… 

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Recharged My Batteries

Recharged My Batteries |

I came back two days ago from a wonderful vacation, feeling full of energy for the new working period. I’ve completely recharged my batteries! What vacation means to everyone may depend on their expectation. For me, vacation means throwing myself into the pure blue water, closing my eyes, allowing the waves take me somewhere, hugging… 

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