Not From A Movie

Not From A Movie |

I know this is a food blog and it must be dealing with food related topics, but this will be an exception today. Noone can ignore the deadly disaster in Japan! Turkey is thousands of miles away from Japan, but I share people’s woe there. I’ve watched several videos on TV; gigantic waves were sweeping… 

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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds |

Here is my newest discovery! These shelled and roasted sunflower seeds have been seen at markets for a few years in Turkey. And they are still not very common, you cannot find them easily at every market. This might be the biggest reason why they are pricy, or maybe because it’s not easy to shell… 

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The Beauty of All Seasons

The Beauty of All Seasons |

We are all looking forward to seeing fragrant tomatoes at markets in Summer, aren’t we? Tomatoes in Winter are so tasteless that I don’t feel like using them in dishes. We can’t do without tomatoes, but we don’t want to feel that blandness in Winter, either. It’s not an insolvable problem! To make it tasty… 

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