Funny Food Names

Funny Food Names |

After reading the news about cigarette borek, I decided to share some more funny food names with you. Most of them got that name due to how they look, which makes their names funny or weird. I don’t know the stories behind all these names, but I do love them. Some of the names refer […]

Hardworking Turkish Woman

Hardworking Turkish Woman |

Well, Turkish woman is generally hardworking, especially the ones living in villages. Women in big cities might get easily tired, but village women never have time to feel tired. I always have a big admiration for them. They get up very early even before sun rise and a very busy schedule starts  for them. They […]

Happy Eid To Muslims

Happy Eid To Muslims |

We’re having two celebrations in Turkey today. It is both Victory Day and the first day of Eid! Such a great day! After a month of fasting (also called as Ramadan month), it’s time for people to celebrate the festival with candies and desserts. It’s time for everyone to make children happy by giving them […]