Happy Eid To Muslims

Happy Eid To Muslims | giverecipe.com

We’re having two celebrations in Turkey today. It is both Victory Day and the first day of Eid! Such a great day! After a month of fasting (also called as Ramadan month), it’s time for people to celebrate the festival with candies and desserts. It’s time for everyone to make children happy by giving them… 

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Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies | giverecipe.com

No this is not about food.I wanted to share this lovely moment with you.I saw these cute guys during morning walk a few days ago, and they made me to have a great start to that day. Aren’t they so lovely? But look at the middle one, that’s my favorite. He looks like he is… 

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Corn Sweet Corn

Corn Sweet Corn | giverecipe.com

Here is another fantastic summer snack! Sweet corns are definitely messengers of summer. They are called milk corn (sut misir) in Turkish to describe their sweetness. You can always see peddlers selling boiled sweet corns on streets. They have a big cauldron on their stand which keeps corns hot and which tempts you to buy… 

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Hello Spring

Hello Spring | giverecipe.com

I know we are already in May, the last month of Spring, but we have a moody climate here in Turkey this year. We have been feeling spring just for a few weeks with trees in blossom and flowers around us. Spring always means optimism and hope for me, just like other people. That’s why… 

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