Turkish Delight For Spring Celebration

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Celebration means turkish delight for us! It’s celebration time again! We are celebrating the first day of Spring! After tiring and cold days, it’s time to enjoy outside! A warm and sunny weather has welcomed us this morning, exactly the way we expect from Spring! It’s not easy to wake up on Winter days, it’s […]

Happy Republic Day to Turkey

Happy Republic Day to Turkey | giverecipe.com

89th Anniversary of Republic of Turkey Today is the 89th anniversary of the foundation of Republic of Turkey! It is celebrated by Turkish people with a big excitement all around the country. The commemoration started at 10 am in my hometwon. There was a great official parade on the biggest street of Eskisehir. Let me share […]

Olive Oil

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From Olive To Olive Oil Can you believe that olive oil is produced from these little green fruits? They are as hard as stone, right? As a child I couldn’t understand how this stone like fruit become liquid? My grandparents had olive yard and all family members would work during the harvest. There were so […]

Why Travel To Turkey

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Turkey as a holiday destination You know Turkey is a very popular holiday destination. Milions of tourists visit Turkey every year especially in summer. People choose to take their holidays here for many reasons perhaps because of the stunning beaches, the weather or the sightseeing opportunities. Also, if you compare the cost of holidays to […]