Lahmacun |

This is one of the most popular traditional Turkish fast food. It’s originally from an Eastern city of Turkey, Sanliurfa. Now you can find lahmacun restaurants all around the country and not surprisingly, the owners of almost all these restaurants are from Sanliurfa. And generally they serve lahmacun only, not any other dishes. As people… 

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Turkish Bagel

Turkish Bagel |

Açma is said to be the second popular pastry in Turkey. You know simit comes first. Açma is very similar to bagel. Maybe the only difference is that bagel is boiled before baking. We don’t have this step for Açma. Besides, just like simit, açma is also consumed very often in Turkey. Bakeries or pastry… 

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Borek with Stinging Nettle Herb

Borek with Stinging Nettle Herb |

We visited one of our relatives yesterday and we had great time in their garden. They have a fantastic garden full of flowers, some fruit trees and some herbs. You feel in heaven when you see all these together just a few kilometers away from the city center. They were so kind that they prepared… 

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Borek with Potato

Borek with Potato |

Borek is one of my favorite Turkish pastries and it’s one of the most common pastries served to guests. I generally make borek at the weekend as a preperation for week days. As I leave for work early in the morning, borek becomes my best breakfast. You know how much I love breakfast, but during… 

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Kirghiz Manti

Kirghiz Manti |

Before my friend Jyldyz  Chynybekova, from Kyrgyzstan sent me this manti recipe, I thought that manti is just special for Turkey. When I saw this recipe from her, I realized again that Kyrgyzstan and Turkish cuisine are so similar, with some little differences. I think you’ll love this one more as these mantis are bigger… 

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