Whole Wheat Cheese and Zucchini Muffins

Whole Wheat Cheese and Zucchini Muffins | #muffins #zucchini #savory #feta #snack | giverecipe.com

Looking for savory and healthy muffins? These zucchini muffins are beyond perfectness! These are so yummy that you want to pair them with anything at any meal. They are not only so good in taste, but they’re also so healthy! Muffins are mostly sweet, but I love them savory too! I’m sure you love Zucchini […]

Savory Sweet Corn Cupcakes

Savory Sweet Corn Cupcakes | #corn #cupcakes #savory #sweetcorn #cornchips #strainedyogurt #greekyogurt | giverecipe.com

It was Yusuf’s idea to make these Sweet Corn Cupcakes with Strained Yogurt Frosting and Corn Chips. It’s the first time we’ve tried savory cupcakes and I can proudly say that these are super yummy! Remember my Simple Chocolate Cupcakes, which were my first cupcakes? These savory ones are as successful as those sweet cupcakes! […]