Black Mulberry Jam

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Whenever I see black mulberry at the market, I remember the mythological story in the book Metamorpheses written by Ovid, a Roman poet. I read this story at my university years and was so mch impressed by it. The story takes place in Babylon, where mulberry finds the suitable climate.

Unripe Fig Jam

Unripe Fig Jam |

Updated on August 23: Below are from this year’s preserves and we just couldn’t help taking new pictures and sharing them here. Love that green color! Most people think that unripe fruits are worthless, wrong for unripe figs! This jam is unbelievable! I became an aunt two days ago and I was as excited as my […]

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

I can hear what you say; I know that we are not in the season of strawberries. But believe me or not, I saw fresh strawberries in an open market here. I just thought that they didn’t have any taste, but when I got closer to them, I felt that miraculous scent of strawberries. From […]