Homemade Orange Jam

Homemade Orange Jam | giverecipe.com | #orange #jam #citrus

Winter is not known as jam season here, jams are mostly made in late Summer or in Fall. Not for me! I can make it at any time since I find it fun to preserve fresh fruit in this sweet form in jars. If you have a basket full of oranges waiting for some time […]

Sourish Blueberry Marmalade

Sourish Blueberry Marmalade | #marmalade #blueberries | giverecipe.com

Blueberry is not a well-known fruit in Turkey. Well, I hadn’t tried or seen it until this year, so it’s one of the best discoveries I’ve made for a long time. I’ve heard its Turkish name, yabanmersini several times but it must be so rare in the country that not everyone knows about it. I’ve […]

Homemade Lemon Jam

homemade #lemon #jam

Don’t you think even the name, Lemon Jam is so tempting? I know it’s not the jam season yet, we mostly make it at the end of Summer or in September here in Turkey. So why did I make this lemon jam last night? Why am I that crazy to make it at night? Did […]

Bitter Orange Peel Jam

Bitter Orange Peel Jam | giverecipe.com

Mom II used to live in Turgutreis, Bodrum before moving to another city. Bodrum is located in Aegean region, on the West of Turkey. Besides being famous for its untouched bays and paradise like beaches, this city is also famous for its citrus fruits. You can even see citrus trees in the city center. And […]