Crepes |

If you’re following this blog for some time, you know how much I love to have breakfast. When I say breakfast, it’s absolutely not a bowl of cornflakes or a sandwich. Our typical breakfast has mainly cheeses of various kinds, black and green olives, jams, honey, butter, egg, tomato and cucumber. We generally try to… 

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Acuka the Walnut Sauce

Acuka the Walnut Sauce

The first time I ate this sauce was  when I was studying at university. I was staying at a dormitory sharing the room with four people, all of whom were from a different city. I learnt several new foods special to their hometowns and their moms. Once a week, our moms would alternately send a… 

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Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters |

There are several vegetables used to make fritters, but zucchini is the most prefered one in Turkish cuisine. There are several reasons why Turkish women generally use zucchini for fritters. First, it  helps digestion system of body. You don’t feel bloated when you eat fritters made of zucchini. There is another reason for Turkish moms… 

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Damson Jam With Almond

Damson Jam With Almond |

We went to bazaar (local farmer’s market) with a friend yesterday and we bought lots of things as usual. I always prefer going to bazaar with a friend. We first walk through the bazaar from its start to the end to have a look at all foods there. Meanwhile, we have the chance of comparing… 

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Warm Salad

Warm Salad |

This salad is a very special one for me as I learnt it from dad. The word ‘salad’ is generally used for various combinations of raw vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, scallions and other greens or combinations of raw fruits. However, this one is totally different. It takes the name of ‘warm salad’ as it is… 

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Black Mulberry Jam

blackmulberry jam | #jam #mulberry #blackmulberry #breakfast #sweet |

Whenever I see black mulberry at the market, I remember the mythological story in the book Metamorpheses written by Ovid, a Roman poet. I read this story at my university years and was so mch impressed by it. The story takes place in Babylon, where mulberry finds the suitable climate.

Unripe Fig Jam

Unripe Fig Jam |

Updated on August 23: Below are from this year’s preserves and we just couldn’t help taking new pictures and sharing them here. Love that green color! Most people think that unripe fruits are worthless, wrong for unripe figs! This jam is unbelievable! I became an aunt two days ago and I was as excited as my… 

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