Turmeric Renews Brain Cells

Turmeric Renews Brain Cells | giverecipe.com

Turmeric, which is also called Indian saffron, has positive effects on treatment of many diseases like cancer and lung diseases. Scientists have figured out that it coul be a hope for those who have a stroke. An Italian newspaper reports that a group of scientists working at Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles have found… 

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Health Tips For Summer

Health Tips For Summer | giverecipe.com

People start to prefer drink more beverages and eat less food with coming summer. They have fresher foods like fruits or fruit juice, but we should keep a healthy diet that is rich in nutritional value in summer too. Here are some suggestions you should always keep in mind.

Soil Eating

Soil Eating | giverecipe.com

Parents shouldn’t panic if they see their children swallowing soil when playing in the yard. It is found that soil eating might have benefits to stomach. Since eating soil is common in several cultures, the magazine called The Quarterly Review of Biology made a survey on more than 480 stories about soil eating told by… 

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Colorful Fruits For Health

Colorful Fruits For Health | giverecipe.com

Colorful fruits contain a substance called flavonoid, which has positive effects on collagen which exists on cartilage and joint connections. This makes colorful fruits important for joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. We have started to see so many colorful fruits at markets these days, so we shouldn’t miss the chance of having enough of… 

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