Organic Strawberry Production

Organic Strawberry Production |

A new field set up in Yumurtalik, Adana to produce organic strawberries. Turkish Ministry of Agriculture has run a project to spread organic agriculture around the country and organic strawberry production will start in a new field in Yumurtalik, Adana as a part of this project. It is reported that a 10000-square meter area is […]

Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands

Turkish Tomatoes To Russia and Netherlands |

These tomatoes are produced in greenhouses heated with geothermal energy. Greenhouses which are heated with geothermal energy are set up in Sorgun, Yozgat (a city located in Central Anatolia of Turkey) in 2009.These greenhouses are used for tomato production without soil and their first crops have been harvested this year. It is reported that these […]

Seedless Eggplant

Seedless Eggplant |

It is already known that it is possible to produce seedless pomegranate, lemon and watermelon. And now a Turkish company can produce seedless eggplant. It is reported that E-Z Seed Company in Antalya, has produced seedless eggplant with the help of hybrid seeds they have improved. The company claims that this is the first seedless […]