Turkish Cucumber Is Clean

Turkish Cucumber Is Clean | giverecipe.com

No risk for Turkey! The outbreak in Germany is said to be caused by cucumbers imported from Spain. Hundreds of people have been diagnosed with a lethal strain of E.coli across Europe. Turkish Health Ministry declared that there is no risk of this disease in Turkey. Turkey does not import cucumber, so there hasn’t been… 

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Taste Festival Of Istanbul

Taste Festival Of Istanbul | giverecipe.com

(Image taken from deviantart.) People in Istanbul have started to count down for the taste festival. People of Istanbul will meet various dishes from Turkish cuisine and other cuisines around the world. The best restaurants, hotels, pubs, patisseries and drink companies of Istanbul are all preparing for Taste Festival of Istanbul. They are going to… 

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Onion In Danger

Onion In Danger | giverecipe.com

One of the biggest agriculture regions in Turkey is Cukurova, South of Turkey. Onion harvest has started there, but farmers are unhappy as lots of their products have gone bad because of April rains. This results in low onion price. It goes down to 50 kurus (about 30 cents) and it is reported that tradesmen… 

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A Revolution To Harvest Tea

A Revolution To Harvest Tea | giverecipe.com

An iron craftsman in Rize invented a machine which works with gasoline and harvests 250 kilo tea leaves per hour. Harvesting tea makes the income of about 200.000 families in Eastern Black Sea Region. Mostly women work at tea fields, which are rough and make it difficult to work. It also takes a great deal… 

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