7 Harmful Things After Meal

7 Harmful Things After Meal | giverecipe.com

You know what we eat is important for health and we should be careful when choosing what to buy. Did you know that what we do after having our meal is as important as what we eat? Here are 7 things that you should avoid right after meal.

Don’t eat fruits. Eating fruit just after meal fills your stomach with air, which is not healthy. Eat your fruit 1 hour before or after your meal.

Don’t smoke. There is no doubt that smoking is harmful to your health, but you double the risk of cancer when you smoke right after meal. It is said that one single cigarette after meal equals 10 cigarettes.

Don’t drink tea. It is a typical Turkish habit to drink tea right after meal, but it’s definitely not healthy. Tea leaves contain acid, which causes us to digest proteins slower and later and not to get benefit from vitamins wehave in our meal. To give an example, if you eat iron rich foods, you can’t get benefits from them when you drink tea after it as tea limits the amount of iron minerals your body gains. Especially those with anemia should avoid tea after meal. The best time for tea is at least one hour after meal.

Don’t loosen your belt. It might cause your intestines to get tangled.

Don’t have a walk. Walking right after meal makes it harder to digest food sources you get in your meal. Namely, it destroys nutritional value of your meal. It is better to walk or do any kind of sport at least one hour later.

Don’t take a shower. Shower speeds up the flow of blood in body, especially in hands and legs, so the amount of blood surrounding stomach reduces, which weakens digestion. This might also cause heart problems.

Don’t sleep. This effects digestion system badly and causes stomach and intestines problems. Also you gain weight if you sleep right after meal.


  1. says

    Wow, most of the things that I had thought was useful are not healthy at all! Thanks for sharing Zerrin!

  2. anant says

    As far as I know, Men do not need huge amount of iron as they do not excrete iron anywhere. Too much iron is not good for body. If you are loosing blood (menstruating women) then its bad for you to drink tea/coffee.

    Otherwise, tea is good after meals, helps in weight loss

  3. Ollie says

    Do you have any evidence to back up these claims? I’m worried about my intestines to getting tangled…

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