6 Health Benefits of Celeriac

6 Health Benefits of Celeriac | giverecipe.com

health benefits of celeriac

Celeriac could be one of those vegetables people hardly crave for. It could be the food they used to hate as a kid. Some people can’t stand even its smell, which I find so tempting! Why is celeriac not loved as much as potato? Maybe they haven’t tried the right recipe yet, how it is cooked definitely matters! I’m not going to share a recipe this time though. I’d like to get your attention to health benefits of celeriac when we are in its season now. If you are looking for recipes with it, I can suggest these: Celery root stew, celeriac with quince and celery root salad.

So what are the health benefits of celeriac?

First, it is a very good source of fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium besides containing vitamins B1, B2 and E. With all these,

1. It helps curing kidney diseases
2. It regulates your bowel movements, which is very important especially for women.
3. It also helps lose weight by activating your metabolism.
4. It makes your skin and hair healthier and you look more beautiful!
5. It relaxes nerves, so you can overcome a stressful day with the help of this underrated vegetable.
6. It helps you expectorate when you have a cold. So besides ginger, lemon, mint and other herbs which are well-known to cure cold, celeriac has a curative effect on cold too!

After learning these benefits, it’s impossible to hate celeriac. So go buy some and try to discover your favorite recipe with it!

Do you know the right season of vegetables? Here is a helpful infographic to help you.

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