5 Fruits For Immune System


March is known as the first month of Spring, but people are more likely to get cold in this month as they can not easily adapt to seasonal changes. However, you can spend this month with no illness by strengthening your immune system with some certain fruits.

Pomegranate: This lovely fruit is a great source of antioxidant. Also, it contains a great amount of potassium, fiber, vitamins A and B and niacin. These make it a perfect fruit to strengthen immune system and it protects you against cold. Moreover, with the nutritional value it has, it lowers cholesterol, protects heart and  has a protective effect against cancer.

Apple: It contains vitamins C and E, which have antioxidant effect. Fiber and flavanoids it contains make this fruit the star of your diet to help your immune system. Also, fiber in apple helps the digestive tract work better, which takes toxic elements out. This makes apple a great fruit against cancer. You know the saying; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Orange: It is very rich in vitamin C, so it strengthens the defense mechanism of body. It also contains vitamin B, calcium, magnesium. With the high amount of potassium it contains, orange helps balancing blood pressure.

Pear: It removes mental tiredness with phosphorus and vitamin B it contains. Also, it is rich in vitamin C and copper, which have antioxidant effect and protect body against free radicals.

Kiwi: It is one of the richest fruit in vitamin C. Also, it has vitamins A, B and E, copper and phosphorus. The amount of magnesium and potassium in it is high while the amount of sodium is low.It is likely to prevent the risk of cancer and heart diseases. You have a stronger immune system if you have kiwi in your diet!

So you see you can get protected against cold with a stronger immune system and you should have these fruits in your diet to achieve it!


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    I have a compromised immune system (no spleen) and these are 5 foods I need to eat more often! Guess I better start making more fruit salads. Or fruit pizzas. LOL Thanks for the heads up on keeping healthy.

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    I adore fruit. I eat two apples a day! Crazy, but so very good (both for my health and my tongue!) Thank you for sharing these delicious and healthy gifts from nature. I’m hungry now! I hope you have a blessed and peaceful day tomorrow. Hugs from Austin!

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