4 Health Benefits of Grapes

4 #health benefits of #grapes

Did you know that a small bunch of grapes can do a lot for your health? Would you like to learn the health benefits of grapes? They are one of those attractive summer fruits and they become so refreshing too when chilled and served with some ice. There are several types of grapes and they can be found in different colors like red, black, green or yellow. Some of them have tiny seeds while some are with bigger seeds, and some grapes don’t have any seeds at all. Some grapes have thin skin while some have thicker skin. No matter what the kind is, there are several benefits of grapes when you eat in small amounts.

4 #health benefits of #grapes

1. One of the benefits of grapes is that they are very powerful antioxidants, which makes them a great protector against cancer. Also, it helps removing the negative side effects of cancer treatment. You can see the best health benefits especially in black grapes and their seeds.

2. Grapes are also very good for skin. They have an anti aging effect and tighten your skin since they renew cells. You look more beautiful if you have a bunch of grapes everyday!

3. Their cell renewing feature can also be seen on hair. Grapes help hair growth, so if you want to have healthy hair with volume, eat grapes!

4. Did you know you can overcome stress with grapes? This is one of the best benefits of grapes! Either fresh or dried, grapes remove both physical tiredness and mental fatigue and you feel better!

On the other hand, grapes contain large amount of sugar, so diabetics should watch how much they eat. They won’t have any problems if they eat a little sour ones or in smaller amounts.

I’m sure you will have a different look at grapes when you see them at bazaar next time! Do buy a kilo, chill and enjoy!

4 #health benefits of #grapes



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    I used to think it was funny when I was little that when I was in the car with someone driving around the town my grandparents lived in, you would always know which homes belonged to Armenians, Greeks, Turks, Lebanese, etc. by the grape arbors in the yards. :) I don’t know what kind of grapes my grandparents had, but if you tried to eat them, they were VERY tart! I figured out that if you just sucked the juice out of them, the juice was sweet. I miss those days! Definitely came in handy having the grape leaves as well!!

    • says

      We LOVE grapes, don’t we? It’s great in any form; fresh, dried or as wine! I’m not sure whether I’ve tried that kind of a grape. Tart as a whole, but sweet inside, it sounds really interesting. And there is nothing better than fresh grape leaves!

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        My best friend’s father had concord grapes at his office, so in early summer, my Mom and I would go pick the grapes and leaves. She would make jelly and blanch and freeze the leaves for later use. I still haven’t tried either – jelly or preserving the leaves. We had tons of blueberries around the corner from our house too, so she made lots of blueberry jam too. Miss those days! :)

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