33 Dishes From Leftover Bread

33 Dishes From Leftover Bread | giverecipe.com

A project is held in Alanya to prevent wasting leftover bread. 33 different dishes are made from leftover bread and exhibited at a hotel for this project.

Updated on 11.25.2012: Do you have leftover bread? You can prepare a great appetizer with it. Check out my recipe for Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties

It is reported that 6 million loaves of bread are thrown to garbage everyday in Turkey. Hasan Sipahioglu, the mayor of the town, stated that they wanted to contribute to family budget with this project. He said it is possible to make 33 different dishes including main dishes and desserts from leftover bread. A booklet about the project, which contains recipes of these dishes, is prepared and distributed all houses in the town. People can easily find ways to use leftover bread with the help of this booklet. “We aim at contributing to country economy and spread the habit of savings with this project”, he said.

Mesut Erdana, the chef who made 33 dishes from leftover bread, stated that all these dishes and desserts can easily be made with the ingredients you already have in your pantry. Some of the dishes he made are crispy meatballs with cheese, bread meatballs, bread manti (ravioli), pizza, pudding with bread, a dessert with bread and walnut.


  1. says

    I think wasting bread is the most terrible thing you can do.
    that is so disrespectful, for such a noble food.
    If you don’t have time to cook, just leave the bread to dry and then make home made breadcrumbs
    I think this is the easiest way to recycle bread! 😀

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more! And breadcrumbs are always a winner from leftover breads. Thanks for sharing your recipe here.

  2. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Living alone and being sensitive to even the beginnings of mold on bread I’ll admit I’ve wasted far too much bread over the years. I do make an effort to dry out bread I can make crumbs with. I’d love to get my hands on this booklet. I wonder if they’d allow you to make a pdf document out of it so you can post it on your blog.

    • says

      I searched for the pdf version of the booklet, but unfortunately couldn’t find. But I will share some recipes with leftover breads I already know soon.

  3. says

    This is a great idea. I make whole grain bread every week (and occasionally buy white baguettes also) and never throw out a scrap of it. I freeze the leftover bread heels if I have no immediate use for them) and then use them later for bread crumbs, croutons, gratin, casseroles, fruit crisps, and the like.

    • says

      Isn’t it surprising? I would love to share the recipes here, but coulnd’t find it on the Internet. It was nice to talk to you too! Have a nice weekend!

  4. says

    Wow, I’m really shocked that so much bread is wasted in Turkey. There’s never too much left in our house but we only buy it when we need it. I think a lot of families stock up for the day.


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