Orange Chocolate Brownies

Orange Chocolate Brownies | | #brownies #chocolate #orange

I can’t think of a better new year dessert than this Orange Chocolate Brownies! If you like moist and rich brownies with loads of chocolate flavor, you will definitely agree with me. You don’t need to look for any other recipes if you are looking for a dessert to celebrate Christmas or any other occasions, […]

Orange Flour Cookies

Orange Flour Cookies | | #cookies #orange #dessert #sweet

When you read the title, you might be confused and ask “What is orange flour?” Well, there is no such a thing or at least I’ve never seen or heard it. Orange Flour Cookies are orange flavored version of Classic Turkish Flour Cookies. Flour cookies are probably the most common cookies in Turkish cuisine and […]

Tomato Chicken Orzo Soup

Tomato Chicken Orzo Soup | | #soup #orzo #chicken

I’m the soup fan in our family and I can easily turn anything into soup. This hearty Tomato Chicken Orzo Soup is made to welcome the coming Winter and it was so satisfying that we had it as dinner and we didn’t want to eat anything else to complete our meal. Each of us had […]

Pomegranate and Pretzels Chocolate Bark

Pomegranate and Pretzels Chocolate Bark | | #chocolate #pomegranate #pretzel

Chocolate bark is one of the easiest, cheapest and yummiest sweet treats and you can make hundreds of versions by combining chocolate with various ingredients. You can make it with your favorite kind of chocolate. Ours is always dark with 70% chocolate to make this treat since we love to sweeten and enrich it with […]